3 A.M. — The Funniest Hour of the Day

Welcome Dear Readers! I woke up in the middle of the night and was writing my blog in my head. The only line I can remember now went something like:

Daddy is a Friggin’ Genius and Mama Ain’t no Slouch

Of course, at 3 am in the dark this phrase seemed a lot funnier.
Peanuts thought it was hilarious. (Peanuts being my brain’s nickname for itself). I must admit that Peanuts is usually funnier when asleep. Here’s another line Peanuts came up with while sleeping:

Goats on the Skids

I thought maybe I could make this the title of a novel about a group of fun-loving goats who had fallen on hard economic times. I plan to run it by Peanuts next time I’m asleep.

I remember once reading about how you can program your subconscious mind to solve problems for you if you pose a question for it just before drifting off. So one night I asked Peanuts if it would be kind enough to think of a way I could make a million dollars. I fell asleep and dreamed about a new invention:

The underwater bicycle

Which proves two things:

1) You really can program you’re subconscious mind
2) to come up with a lot of stupid ideas.

Of course, my family is never ever ever going to quit teasing me about The Underwater Bicycle idea. Fine. It’s well worth the ribbing if it will keep them occupied and off the streets for another day.

I also hold the family record for making the lamest joke in the history of the Vernon Family. We were driving on a steep, winding road near Yosemite and we met a couple of gray-haired guys in a Model A going the other way. So I quipped: “Hope your brakes hold there, Joe.” OK, maybe it wasn’t a quip as such, but hey — at least I tried.

Somebody had to say something for heaven sakes! Can I help it if Peanuts hadn’t thought up “Goats on the Skids” yet?

Until next time . . . I love you

45 thoughts on “3 A.M. — The Funniest Hour of the Day

  1. Being awake at 3am is common for me, at present it’s only 1am so obviously too early to be awake. You and Peanuts must have interesting sub conscious chats in the wee small hours.

    • Peanuts comes up with lots of things during the middle of the night. They seem great at the time, but in light of day not so much! Oh I feel for you Summers! I hate being awake at 3 a.m. I find I have to walk at least two miles a day to stay asleep all night. I never seem to have any trouble sleeping during the day though, HA! 😀

  2. Bwahahaha mom! Good one. I often write my posts in my head at 3 am. I hate when its brilliant at the wee hours and then in the light of the not so wee hours..you wonder if you lost a marble or two when in the wee.. oh nevermind. Some of my best bumper cars of thought have ended up gracing my blog cause I went with it. I should try that again. I think goat on the skids holds a lot of promise.. just make sure you give em brakes..or not..that would.be really fun.. he heh. Much love ❤

    • Hi Lizzie!!! That’s so true about the things we dream up being much better in the wee hours of the morning and then so disappointing when we see them in the light of day! One time I had a dream where all the people in the dream said I was erudite. I didn’t know what that word even meant so I looked it up. When I found out it meant showing extensive scholarship, I had to laugh since I didn’t even know what it meant. I guess it just goes to show you “dream people” don’t really know what they are talking about! LOL!! Love you Lizzie!! 😀

  3. I get some great blog ideas in the middle of the night too–which often keeps me up the rest of the night trying to remember them (or embellish them). My brain should probably be called Mustard Seed, since it’s much smaller than a peanut.

  4. Being an insomniac 3 a.m. is like 10 p.m. to me – it’s the time I start thinking about crawling into bed to read for an hour or so before trying (often unsuccessfully) to fall asleep. I get a lot of my blogging down between 1 a.m. & 3 a.m.

    • Oh, Benze! That’s too bad! Being an insomniac would really be hard. I guess the only upside would be that you would have a lot of time to write without distractions — but I’m sure you would rather be enjoying some nice sleep time instead!

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