8″ People I Admire

Hello Dear Reader and welcome to today’s post where we will be taking  a look at 8″ people I admire.  Let’s start with:

The Musically Determined Little Johnny Carver

 Little Johnny Carver is only 8″ high, but did that stop him from becoming one of the most outstanding country artists of his time? With hits like Your Lily White Hands, New Lips and Don’t Monkey with Another Monkey’s Monkey under his tiny little belt, Itty-bitty Johnny Carver is taking all the right teeny-weeny steps to musical stardom!  Proving that no matter how small you start out, it is possible to become a huge success (figuratively speaking, of course!)  And so Johnny Carver, I drink a toast to you!

The Courageous Spoinky McSpecks!

The courageous life of 8″ high pizza delivery boy, Spoinky McSpecks is a tale of determination and bravery the likes of which has yet to be equaled in the pizza delivery world.  Risking his life up to 20 times a day, delivering pizzas and getting lousy tips (even though they are practically as big as he is), Spoinky remains steadfast to his mission while facing terrible dangers like getting tangled up in duct tape and other life threatening situations that is annoying to you and I — but is potentially fatal  to 8″ people!  And so I say:  Spoinky McSpecks I salute you!

Everybody’s Favorite 8″ Russian:  KhanIhazmy Chekplez

8″ virtuoso KhanIhazmy Chekplez has never let his small stature deter him from his dream of playing the lilting strains of the Extra-large Slavic Ukelele.  Oh sure, it’s a strain for him alright, both physically, mentally, and emotionally, but you’d never know it by the look on his face!  My hat’s off to you KhanIhazmy Chekplez!

These four 8″ people equal 32″ of fun!

Even though these four people,  when laid end-to-end, wouldn’t even reach the of a yardstick, that hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm one bit!   Here they are, merrily going about their bookkeeping duties using the same size pencils we normal sized people use without a care in the world even though the toll on their backs has to be tremendous!  And that is why I have to say to this fun loving group of 8 Inchers:  I applaud your ‘smarvelousness!

And there you have it, Dear Reader! The courageous lives of some very special 8″ people I admire!
Until next time . . . I love you