Brain Dead Mom Through the Decades

Hello Dear Readers!  What shall we do today?  Hm . . .  Oh I know!  Let’s look at how Moms have been portrayed as Brain Dead through the decades.  As it just so happens, I found a few vintage cookbooks that we can use to contrast and compare.

 Brain Dead Mom from 1937 

Brain Dead Moms of Vintage Cookbooks
Poor Brain Dead Mom from 1937! It looks like she might have infused just a tad too much personality into her baked goods. So much so that they are now holding her hostage. And is her shadow sprouting a horn? Oh my! But somehow Brave Brain Dead Mom of 1937 still manages to smile even though she can’t quite hide the terror in those vacant peepers of hers.


Brain Dead Mom from 1953:

Brain Dead Mom trough the ages
Ah! Brain Dead Mom from 1953 is clearly relieved and happy now.  The War is over! Hitler’s dead! And, judging from her eyes,  her doctor just prescribed a lifetime supply of Seconal for her anxiety as well as Benzedrine to be taken every ten minutes to ensure her waist circumference stays at 11-and-1/2-inches. Which gives Brain Dead Mom from 1953  lots and lots of energy so she can dedicate her entire existence to  cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking . . .

 Brain Dead Mom from 1959

Brain Dead Mom through the ages
Brain Dead Mom from 1959 has her act together! No more cowering in the horn-sprouting shadows from her baked goods. No more mindless cooking and cooking and cooking. No sir! When one gazes into the eyes of Brain Dead Mom from 1959, one can clearly detect a Valium-induced, vague optimism for the future of her country, the future of her family and the future of her green pepper. Clearly Brain Dead Mom of 1959 is a more confident women than her predecessors. Why? Because she doesn’t know any better, that’s why!

Brain Dead Mom From 1965

The Cook Book of glorious Eating for Weight Watchers
A Ring a ding ding, Baby!  Brain Dead Mom from 1965 has it all going on!  She doesn’t even have to open her eyes anymore! Oh sure she’s still popping a few “bennies” now and then, but come on!   How else is she going to maintain her 11- and-1/2-inch waist what with all the food she’s been eating and all those martinis she’s been swilling with her new devil-may-care attitude? Brain Dead Mom from 1965 would never cower from her own baking! Ha ha!  Don’t make her laugh!  Because Brain Dead Mom from 1965 has a life!  She’s fancy!  She’s frivolous! She’s fun! And somewhere along the line she learned to play the triangle!

I have a feeling there are lots and lots of other examples of Brain Dead Moms Through the Decades out there on the shelves of my favorite thrift store!  And I make this pledge to you, Dear Readers, that I will not rest until I have messed up everything on the shelf looking for them!

Until next time . . . I love you

Brain Dead Mom trough the ages
. . .. and cooking and cooking cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking and  cooking and cooking and cooking . . .to be continued . . .

32 thoughts on “Brain Dead Mom Through the Decades

    • Wow, you just blew my mind, Addie. I always wondered where LV got her material. She must have the world’s creepiest and most hilarious library!

      • Someday I’ll post a picture of my collection. I’m hoping they’ll be worth something someday. I might be able to sell them and get enough money to afford to take them to the dump! That’s my plan anyway! 😀 (Once I’m not thoroughly making fun of them of course! )

  1. Wow, all of these cartoon mothers look really sinister! Check out the dark bags under their eyes! Is that a side effect of Mother’s Little Helpers… lol.

    • Hi mskatykins!! Oh your right! That one poor mom looks like she’s on death’s doorstep! Well at least she’s still about to cook thrifty meals for her family and that’s the important thing! HA! 😀

  2. I’m reminded of the Rolling Stones song, “Mother’s Little Helper” I hadn’t thought of those lyrics in a while. Good one, Linda.

    • Oh I haven’t thought of that song in years either! But I remember I had the album it was on. I’m going to have to go find it on youtube and listen to it now! 😀

  3. I grew up with a 50’s mom & boy did they cook! I should look around, I’m pretty sure I still have the original cookbook I got when I started Home Economics in the late 60’s. I’ll let you know if I find it.

    • Oh a home economics book from the 60’s! Oh I bet there’s some funny stuff in that one! 😀 I took Home ec in 9th grade. I loved the cooking part but hated the sewing. I couldn’t sew to save my life. I wish I would have saved the dress I made, I’m sure it was hilarious! 😀

      • We started Home Ec in the 7th grade & I hated the sewing too! Our first project was an apron (my mother had to help me finish), the next year a blouse with a Peter Pan collar (my mother had to help me finish) & the last year a skirt (my mother had to help me finish, actually she almost had to sew the whole thing).

        • LOL!! You sound just like me! Only my mom didn’t know how to sew either! HA! I do remember we had to make a dress and I made mine out of jean material and then we had a style show and I sat down waiting for my turn and the seat stretched out something awful. And it really was something awful to behold!

  4. Funny, Linda, and great job putting this together. Here’s another not so long ago “brain dead woman” moment that many didn’t even recognize at first: “You’ve come a long way, baby!” If a woman chooses to smoke, she doesn’t want her “own” cigarette, she wants the same cigarette the men smoke. And don’t call her “baby,” baby!

    • Oh that’s right. I remember that! Smoking men’s cigarettes! Goodie Goodie Gumdrops/Lungcancer! The one that sticks out in my mind is the one where the woman brags that she can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let him forget he’s a man! Until she drops dead of exhaustion, that is! HA! Oh those were the days!

    • Oh I just went to the link you left. I thought it was interesting that the warning says smoke contain carbon monoxide. That’s it? I wonder how they got away with that?

  5. I look forward to your next few decades of brain dead moms, especially those from the 70’s. Prozac is replaced with cocaine and kitchens come with bathtubs.

  6. LOLOL!! I love brain dead Mom from 1965! Of course she’s had time to learn how to play the triangle! Even the shish-ka-bobs are standing at attention, along with her perky breasts! haha!

  7. BDM#1: I had her for church school.

    BDM#2: She works here in New Hampshuh at a local deli.

    BDM#3: She was one of the Stepford Wives, right??

    BDM#4: Al Gore stares at her… waist… and mumbles: “It ain’t possible!!”

    I love those old ads– they’re much better than real life!! : P

    • Ahahah Mark! I’m so glad you could relate to the BDM’s through the ages having had at least one of them in your life at every stage of your development — which would explain your career as a professional cartoonist! I just love when things fit together like that!

      The old ads are so much better than real life. I came across a stack of 1963 Sports Illustrated Magazines yesterday with such wonderful old ads! I’m in old ad heaven! 😀

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